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    Our mission is to help students succeed 

Why the Logo and Name? 

At Fin Time Pros, our origins were founded by the individualistic and pioneering nature of the shark. In the same way that the shark is at the top of the food chain and follows their own unique path to success, we believe in empowering you to overcome any obstacle you may encounter and achieve any dream you may have. 

We acknowledge that every person has their own story and purpose for being in this world, and we will help you not only identify it, but also help it come to fruition. In this way, Fin Time Pros accomplishes its mission of helping you Find True Potential you have within you. Thus, we believe that by helping you get the most out of your time in a professional manner utilizing the shark’s spirit, we will be able to accomplish our vision of Forging Talented Pioneers that will reshape our world for the better. 

How Do We Accomplish This Mission? 

At Fin Time Pros, we have the following approaches to facilitate your journey to Find True Potential: 

Soft Life Skills Training -Here at Fin Time Pros, we help you build your Soft Life Skills Training. While others may traditionally call these “soft skills” only, at Fin Time Pros we believe they are essential not just for a successful career, but also for a successful life. 

While we do not promise that life will be a bed of roses, our company and team will ensure it is easier to manage and that you accomplish your purpose the best way possible with the time you have at your disposal. 

Easier Transitions Guidance 

At Fin Time Pros, our team understands and sympathizes with the fact that life’s transitions are not easy to prepare for, go through, and recover from. From high school to college student, college student to job seeker, job seeker to employee, and on, these are the life milestones that make us “adults” with assigned responsibilities. And, while everyone can easily identify and judge upon our success in accomplishing them, not that many empathize and assist with you knowing how to get through them. 
Thus, Fin Time Pros aims to be that lighthouse to guide you, the captain of your life ship, towards a successful journey through these transition icebergs and turbulent waters without judgmental criticism. 

Tailored, Individualistic Enlightenment 

At Fin Time Pros, we believe everyone has inside of them a specific gift that makes them who they are. Thus, we do not believe in the idea of prescribing you a specific blanket solution or placing you in a specific category. Instead, we help understand your specific personality, strengths, and aspirations and then we build a tailored plan to help you develop yourself to Find True Potential to fulfill your purpose. To do this, we utilize our team’s experience and knowledge in the realms of psychology, education, and life struggles to find the best possible way to assist you. Plus, while we have our expertise, we will not pressure you into doing something just because an “expert” claims they know you more than you know yourself. We walk with you every step of the way, and if there is something we identified wrong about you, we will be learning with you as well to make sure we get it right. In this way, we promise to Forge Talented Pioneers, such as yourself! 

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